Keep the turntables spinning!

As you listen to our streaming content, you’ll probably notice something very different to other stations – we don’t play adverts. Although we could put in a adverts every few minutes to help cover the station costs, this would interrupt your listening experience. However, so that we can continue play ad-free content, we ask that you help us out.

Today we have added a new donation and support page. We rely on your generosity to keep this listener supported station on the air. To paraphrase a well know saying, every penny does help! We are currently looking into offering selective station merchandise that we hope to offer in the not to distant future, and along with the android-based app, we aim to keep the adverts away from the music.

Sing it, Like it, Love it!  


Photo credit: pbalcer on Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

Our new mobile app

First announcement of our new mobile music app

Some exciting news to share with you all.

Our new mobile app is currently undergoing beta trials and will be release in the next few months!

The app makes it very easy and convenient to keep all the music you love just one tap away at all times. Within the app you can access all the information from the website, twitter, and get in touch with us if there is a particular track you’d like to hear. I’ve also heard that there will be some exclusive merchandise in the near future too – definitely one to keep an eye out for!

We will let you know when the app is ready via a twitter announcement. From what I’ve seen of it, I’m already excited about releasing it out into the world!

Sing it, Like it, Love it!