About Us

PremierGOLDradio.com is on air seven days a week, 24 hours at day. Our playlists are packed with the greatest music chosen from half a century of popular tracks, including those thought to be lost to the ages.

Built upon the foundations laid by decades of broadcasting experience on local radio stations throughout the North of England, what started as a hobby quickly turned into a full-time commitment. After all, pulling from a personal music library of over 5000 original recordings to craft premierGOLDradio.com’s distinct sound takes a considerable amount time!

We are a listener supported station so that we can keep the great music flowing without annoying adverts every few tracks.

With a focus on the MUSIC, you will not be driven away by chatty, big personality DJs!

Don’t hear the track you want? Then let us know either here on the website , via twitter, @premgoldradio, or through Facebook and we’ll do our best to include it next time.

The station is an accumulation of efforts from a variety of professions. Technically and getting the station on air has been Rob Gibson’s handy-work.

Oh, and the music is my department.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I do,

Best Wishes

Pat Gibson

Sing it, Like it, Love it!

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