Time to order the collection.

How can we keep an eye an all of our music tracks?

How can we guarantee that all of the metadata – genre, year, and everything else – is consistent throughout the entire library?

These were the main issues that we faced with our library. We looked around the internet for a solution that would be easy to setup, quick to learn, and as automated as possible. After a few false starts, we finally came across bliss and our music library was never the same again.

I’ve been using bliss for over a week, and it has made such a difference to how I now view the structure and organisation of our music library. Unlike before, I can now bring up any album, any track, and have the correct album cover, genre, and release year all automatically assigned.

But there is so much more.

The key to bliss for us are the use of custom rules. The easy to use rules help to talior how the tracks’ metadata are assigned along with a consitent size for all of the album artwork. And if I want to edit the library on my Macbook rather than the studio PC? Not a problem as the software runs on all operating systems.

When all is said and done, here at premierGOLDradio.com are very pleased to be using bliss to organize our music library. Even if you are looking to polish your own personal digital music collection, I can thoroughly recommend using bliss – you won’t believe just how good your music collection can look!


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