With you all day, and all night long.

Car radioWhy should the music stop?

That’s the question we were asking ourselves at 11pm every night.

So, we made a few tweaks behind the musical curtain.

And now, at any time and place, you can listen to great music, commercial free.


Sing it, Like it, Love it!


Legends of Yesteryear

I was a little surprised to see that Barry Manilow was rushed to hospital the other day. With all the seemingly recent departures, I’m hoping that he won’t be the next name to be added to the musical obituaries.

Although celebrating global success for the past 50 years, he is not a common stay on most radio stations.

But we’re not like most common radio stations!

Listen to great music, from great artists – only here on premiergoldradio.com.



Our tracks up to Christmas Day

Presents under the Christmas tree.

We all have a Christmas track that kick starts the holiday season.

Whether yours is by Mariah Carey, Boney M., or The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl we have it covered here.

But maybe you’re looking for something that you haven’t heard for a while? Or you find yourself asking: “What’s that track from that 80’s Christmas T.V. commerical?”

Let us know and we will go through our extensive archive to find that track just for you.

Listen no matter where you are!

Not by your computer?

Disappointed that you can’t listen to great music?

Well, PremierGOLDradio is in the Tunein.com directory so you can listen on any Android or iOS device.

Not sure how? Simply go Tunein.com, download the app and then follow us from your phone or tablet.

You can then listen to us in the car, whilst walking the dog or as you’re out getting the weekly shopping done.

Let us know via twitter or directly where you take us!